An area where guests can further
learn about
the Vermicular brand
through cooking classes
and other
events, anchored by Vermicular
Flagship Shop.

The retail shop in Japan where guests can explore firsthand how to use Vermicular cookware and taste the Vermicular difference prior to purchasing. Not only do our concierges assist guests by offering product demos, but guests are also welcome to test out on their own.
In addition to the full Vermicular lineup available to touch and hold, the shop also carries exclusive sizes that are only available at VERMICULAR VILLAGE. Original items created in collaboration with world-renowned creators and artisan-themed kitchenware are also available for purchase.


Monday - Thursday 10am – 5pm
Fridays, Weekends & Holidays 10am – 6pm

Open all year round

※Excluding New Year's holidays

A carefully-curated library stocked with approximately 3,000 culinary-themed books from across the world that are readily available for purchase. At the adjacent coffee stand, guests can enjoy a cup of pour over coffee with freshly baked goods thoughtfully baked in Vermicular cookware.

A kitchen studio where cooking classes by Vermicular concierges and chefs are held regularly. The studio is created to convey the joy of home cooking to a wide audience by hosting various events such as special cooking classes led by the world's top chefs and parent-and-child cooking classes to name a few.

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A laboratory where original models are in the making for top chefs across the world. This small laboratory is equipped with everything required to craft Vermicular cookware – from casting and precision machining to enamel coating. In addition to inviting guests to observe Vermicular craftsmen at work, the laboratory holds workshops where guests can immerse in Japanese monozukuri experiences.

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The experts on Vermicular cookware, our Vermicular concierges are stationed at the owners desk ready to personally assist guests in answering questions that range from usage tips to recipes suggestions.

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Monday to Friday
9am–12pm and 1pm–5pm